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We ask that interested parties actually become members.
Why be a member?

  • It means that we have a network of contacts. Members can keep in touch with each other; it’s easier to research a line if there’s a number of you researching it.
  • We get members’ family tree information from the 20th and 21st centuries. We can currently find information online from 1911 backwards in time; we can do research at the Cheshire Records Office. What we can’t do is look forward from 1911 without personal information from members – knowing the more recent history of a family may link lines together
  • We have money from subscriptions to use for furthering Stockton research. Subscriptions fund the Society’s meeting and secretarial expenses, and pay for yDNA tests on willing direct line male Stocktons'. These are currently $49 – the amount in sterling varies with the exchange rate. These are invaluable sources of information, which have given us links which would have been impossible to make, as documents either don’t survive or can’t answer everything.
  • Members also have access to some very interesting and fact-filled parts of this website which are unavailable to non-members!

If you’re not already a member, please fill in membership & standing order forms, with details of your interests and send this to the Treasurer or email to: Membership Application

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