The Stockton DNA Project

One of the most important research tools to come our way is the use of yDNA. It enables us to trace direct line male yDNA sequences, linking various known branches of Stockton families with hitherto unattributed ones.

The Stockton yDNA Project is run by our webmaster Barry Stockton and US resident Beverly Stockton (Ky.AL) , and is linked to the site in Arizona,USA.

What can DNA testing determine?..........

Determine relationships
Establish family lines
Identify a generation where an unknown adoption or extramarital event occurred
Show migration and ancestor's land of origin
Connect with "Genetic Cousins" of different surnames
Determine timeframe for "Most Recent Common Ancestor" (MRCA) between family lines
Determine that traditional documentary research is accurate & scientifically verify

The Stockton DNA Project site is self explanatory and we recommend that you read what it has to say. There are a number of our members already represented in the results, showing at least two clearly defined and different bloodlines within our membership. There’s no arguing with yDNA: it’s already confirmed some theories and has blown a few out of the water. Crucially, it has given us information which doesn’t exist in any other form: it’s almost like asking a distant ancestor for information about their family.

DNA Testing of Stockton Male Donors


  • The Society is prepared to pay for yDNA profiles for certain specific direct line male Stocktons if they come from a line whose ‘yDNA provenance’ is not already known. Of course, these profiles do take a sizeable chunk out of our annual income, so profiles wholly or even partially funded by individuals would be very welcome indeed!

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