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The Stockton Society was formed in May 1990 at a meeting, in Bunbury, Cheshire, of a small group of four Family Historians researching the name STOCKTON in the South Cheshire and North Shropshire areas. The aim of the Society is to promote research in the name STOCKTON and its variants by the pooling of research effort and information, leading to a better understanding of the history of the Stockton Family in this part of England. To that end, transcriptions of Parish Registers and some Census returns of the Parishes most commonly associated with the Stockton name have been made. Copies of early wills of Stocktons from Malpas and Bunbury and other Cheshire parishes and a few from Lancashire and Shropshire have also been obtained and transcribed. Members have also deposited copies of their family trees with the Society. The Society also collects any items relating to the name Stockton. Links have been established with Stockton researchers in Australia, Canada and The United States, all tracing their roots back to the Cheshire and Shropshire region. The Society meets once per year, usually in June, in Bunbury, to review progress, meet new members and, if time allows, pursue further research at Chester Record Office.

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The Stockton Society in the U.K. is peopled by a small and friendly membership. We find that the majority of family history enthusiasts get the ‘bug’ when they can measure life in decades!

We meet once a year, on the last Saturday in June, in the Pavilion, Jubilee Gardens, in Bunbury, Cheshire. The AGM starts at 12 noon and we get the ‘business’ out of the way as quickly as we can, leaving time afterwards for the exchange of information, chatting and so on. We have had speakers in the past - there are few people who can surpass the eloquent and witty Jonathan Pepler, the Cheshire County Archivist, character of this county and Michael Palin lookalike. Afterwards, we repair to the ‘Dysart Arms’, by St Boniface Church, High Town, Bunbury, to eat and talk.

Why be a member?

YOU don’t have to work on your project alone any more: you’ll be able to contact other members with similar interests. No re-inventing the wheel! It means that we have a network of contacts. Members can keep in touch with each other; it’s easier to research a line if there’s a number of you researching it.

YOU can focus on the living members of your own family, to glean information from them and record the not-too-distant past, knowing that the Society already has information from further back.

We get members’ family tree information from the 20th and 21st centuries. We can currently find information online from 1901 backwards in time; we can do research at the Cheshire Records Office. What we can’t do is look forward from 1901 without personal information from members – knowing the more recent history of a family may link lines together

YOU get a free yDNA profile if it’s appropriate, as the small subscription you pay helps to fund this essential research.

We have money from subscriptions to use for furthering Stockton research. Subscriptions fund the Society’s meeting and secretarial expenses, and pay for yDNA tests on willing direct line male Stocktons. These are currently $99 – the amount in sterling varies with the exchange rate. These are invaluable sources of information, which have given us links which would have been impossible to make, as documents either don’t survive or can’t answer everything.

YOU, as a member, have access to useful and interesting information collected over the decades by our researchers, or by contacting the officers or other members.

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